A legion is an orginized group of players within Galaxy Legion that work together to advance on the game. A legion can be created by any player above rank 10, at a cost of 50 energy.

Creating a LegionEdit

A legion can be created by any player above rank 10 at a cost of 50 energy. Once a player has created a legion, they will be appointed Leader of that legion, and they can then manage legion information, the legion logo, diplomacy, and legion members.

Joining a LegionEdit

To join a legion, you must first find the legion you wish to join. To do this, simply navigate to the "Legion" tab, and click "Find a Legion to join". Once you've clicked this, enter the name of the legion you wish to join, click search, and once it's done, click "Join" next to the name of the legion.

A request will be sent to the Leaders and Officers of that legion, and they'll then either accept or decline your request.

Legion BenefitsEdit

You might ask how a legion benefits players and helps them advance in the game, but there's no simple answer. There is a lot offered to players in a legion.


Alerts allow players to share planet locations, enemy players, or enemy NPCs with the rest of the players in the legion.
Planets are most commonly shared when under attack. Legionmates can guard the planet, and therefore can assist in preventing enemy players from stealing the planet.
Enemy players can be shared if they've performed any offensive actions to your ship or your planets within the last 24 hours. Although there are no specific rules, alerting enemy players is considered to only be done if an enemy player performs multiple offensive actions within 12 hours.
Enemy NPCs of classification Elite or Boss can be shared with the legion for assistance in disabling the NPC. There are rewards given to a certain amount of top damagers when the NPC is finally disabled.

Planetary BonusEdit

For each active member(logged in within the past week) in the legion, a 2% bonus is given to all of your planets' attack, defense and cloak values. The highest this can go is 120%, due to the 60 member limit per legion.

Legion BaseEdit

Every legion has a Legion Base. This is a structure within the game that produces resources on a daily basis. Bases can be upgraded and can gain "levels". It becomes significantly harder to upgrade a base each time it levels up. The highest level reached so far is level 10.