Artifacts are virtual devices/objects which can provide the player using them with any of the following:

  • Information on an enemy player or Planet .
  • Temporary bonuses to ship values such as Attack , Defence , and Hull, etc.
  • An advantage agains enemy players, buy reducing enemy player values.
  • Protection while offline. (Traps, for example.)

Acquiring ArtifactsEdit

Artifacts can be recieved in you Hourly Shipment from your Planets . They can also be received as a reward for completing various Mission and disabling an enemy Base . They can be purchased from th Artifact Market with Galaxy Points. Certain artifacts are available from the Daily Reward .

Using ArtifactsEdit

Artifacts have specific uses, so where you use them will depends on their purpose. For example, you won't be able to use an Engineered Virus , unless you select "Use Planet Artifact" from that planet's actions tab, as illustrated. 

Use planet artifact enemy

There are many places you can use an artifact. As shown to the right, artifacts can sometimes be classified into categories. The red button will list offensive artifacts, intended for use on enemy planet, and the blue button will list artifacts intended for use on your own ship, such as Repair Nanodrones for repairing Hull , when attack the planet. This saves you from having to go to the Trade tab to use the artifact.

List of ArtifactsEdit

For a full list of artifacts, please visit the Artifact Category Page.